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9-17 - I II Difference between DOI and Constitution a DOI...

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I. Difference between DOI and Constitution a. DOI was simply a persuasive argument to break away from tyranny and for self determination i. Was about the right the citizens felt they had to have a government that would represent them ii. Was discussed by committee 1. like an newspaper editorial board meeting iii. Went through 75 edits 1. key omission in one of them was the idea of slaves a. not considered part of the independent claims i. maintained the institution of slavery b. Constitution gives us our governmental form i. 3 branches of government 1. judicial, legislative, executive a. judicial is the only one that is not elected by citizens i. appointed b. if US Supreme Court states something as fact, we have the right to petition our representatives to appeal decision i. in NJ, Eminent Domain is hot-button issue II. When constitution was printed in newspapers, citizens realized that civil liberties were left out a. First 10 amendments to the constitutions i. Bill of Rights 1.
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