10-15 - Print Privilege Patronage and the Post Office •...

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Unformatted text preview: Print, Privilege, Patronage, and the Post Office • Privileges = Selective Benefits: o Immunity Exemption from criminal prosecution OR legal liability OR punishment under certain conditions o Special Entitlements Executive Privilege • Power claimed by the white house and other members of the executive branch to resist search warrants and other interventions by the other two branches of the government Franking Privilege • Franking o Free postal service to elected members of congress o Started in 1789 o Banned by 1873 Didn’t last long till congress found exceptions • Congressional Record • Seeds • Agricultural Reports o *1860 o 1891: Congress restored full Franking privileges The awarding of government contracts o Contracts o Legal notices o Salaries or official posts** o Forms • By 1819, congress decided to end competitive bidding for contracts and decided to award one person the contract o *Low bid rejected; a donor gets job* Reading • War of 1812 o Continuation of the French process trying to gather property in North America...
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10-15 - Print Privilege Patronage and the Post Office •...

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