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10-22 - • went from rewriting what was in the police...

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Early Technology 3 components o paper-making 1827 from England; New Machines paper used to be made from cotton wood pulp o Paper pressing and printing Switched from hand cranks to Iron plates powered by steam o Stereotyping Metal plates which letters were put into for pressing o Benefited book-publishers the most Instead of having to change plates for daily editions of news papers, had one set of plates that repeatedly printed First demographic to adopt wholesale technology were evangelical Christians o Used Stereotyping to mass produce the bible 1816: American bible society was founded in NYC ABC nightline.com “G-dTube offers religious alternative Cheap digital alternative to pulp-paper News reports of the day recorded information o 1836: Helen Jewit murdered in Manhattan well read, well known prostitute penny press had a field day reporting this
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Unformatted text preview: • went from rewriting what was in the police blotters to reporting the stories themselves o 1820-1860: rise of fiction to the united states American fiction instead of English, British, etc. • Good-old American vernacular o Sir Nathanial Hawthorn o Herman Melville o Emerson o Whitman o Edgar Alan Poe The sensational, the morbid, the criminal, and the erotic were popular press Journalists actually interviewing people, and attributing information to those they interview Increasing political coverage • Local and national cover of politics begins to have more prominence o Slow and steady, noticeable growth Democracy was being exercised Press was exercising it’s “watchdog” roll to protect against arbitrary acts of government o HANDOUT...
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10-22 - • went from rewriting what was in the police...

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