10-24 - mile and do more than ring a bell Invests in...

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Technology Late 18 th century – early 19 th century o Americans understood monopolies originated in political favor and legal privilege o 19 th century Americans (Congress) were not prepared for the advent of communications technology Alexandro Volta o 1800: creates first batteries starts as a container to collect electricity Hanz Orsted o 1820: discovers that if he passes an electrical current through the horizontal needle of a compass, the current will cause that needle to move William Sturgeon o 1824: passes electric current through a copper coil wound around a piece of iron man-made magnet Joseph Henry o 1829: thinks there must be a way to transmit electric current longer distances transmits current for at least 1 mile makes a little bell ring 1832: NYU: Alfred Veil, taught by Samuel Morse o Veil agrees to help Morse find a way to transmit electricity farther than 1
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Unformatted text preview: mile and do more than ring a bell Invests in Morse’s enterprise Writes Morse Code o Speedwell, NJ Telegraph invented to carry Morse Code Can now carry message for 3 miles o Comes up with idea for relays Can cover a greater distance o Promises a way to move information and communicate with people much quicker What information will be transmitted? • Immediate need to move “intelligence” from one military camp to another military camp o Great Brittan and France appropriates their own versions at the same time Morse does Sells to government to be used in postal service so government can control the flow of information • Who should develop Morse’s invention o Should government take it over and implement it, or should private enterprise take it over and develop it for commercial use?...
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10-24 - mile and do more than ring a bell Invests in...

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