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Matthew Hyman Media, Communications and Elections Campaign Paper If you don’t vote, then you have no right to gripe about what happens in government, or the decisions that they make. This being said, elections are not only an important part of the United States democratic system; they are vital to its survival. The press has become obsessed with getting the dirt on each election candidate’s campaign so the readers can make an informed decision every November when they push the button, pull the leaver, or drop their ballot. The election in the 29th district of New Jersey, Essex County, is a prime example of the press getting down and dirty to give the public the information they need to make an educated decision. There are three major candidates for the 29 th district Senate seat. This seat was left open by Senator Sharpe James, who, after being indicted on 33 counts of corruption, elected not to run for reelection. Assemblyman William D. Payne will have the support of his brother, Representative Donald M. Payne, who represents the 10 th district as Newark’s Congressman for 18 years. Newark Councilman Luis Quintana is serving his fourth term on the Newark Council. He was deputy mayor in 2001 and sought the Democratic state Senate nomination in 2003, losing to James. The underdog candidate seemed to be M. Teresa Ruiz. She is the deputy chief of
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campaign paper - Matthew Hyman Media, Communications and...

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