Midterm Review

Midterm Review - 1/24/08 Fundamental is what you want,...

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1/24/08 Fundamental is what you want, operative is how to do it o Strategic thinking vs. tactical thinking o Risks continuing operatives that loses true site of fundamental Operative is inevitable of fundamental Collective personality o You are an individual, but you are defined overall by your collectivity You are Jewish, but you are a French Jew Reality is pre-gated by collective essence o Then can break through barriers and achieve change Jews are not a collective because they are dispersed across the world, and not accepted in the collective o French Jew, Italian Jew, etc. Anti-Semitism is built into a nation, and difficult to change 1/29/08 Hertzel’s Contribution o Gave a unifying dream o Take yourself and go their to relieve persecution Ha-am ’s contribution to the formation of Israel (solutions) o Do it yourself Jews need a Jewish state, but must do it without outside help o Create a reality that will allow the collective to evolve out of the book Everyone will be beneficiaries Those who do and those who don’t The problems to be solved o Lack of self esteem What Jews do to themselves vs. what others do to them o Status The people of a book are not engaged in the writing of the book Became a slave to a dead letter Hadn’t changed and evolved as a society since the book was written o Needs to change because life changes Jews lived in an ontological present (perpetual) Like a cat needed to live in a creative reality (constructive reality) teleological and developmental o not a physical problem, unlike Hertzel incapacity of people who’ve lost mooring in a joining society and their ability to progress
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Jews as a stagnant people without a future. Cultural renaissance; spiritual revolution Added to vision of Zionist ideal o Idea of Israel that is a cultural dynamic center (heart) of the Jewish people Exercise of full fledged nation building Not just state building Deep responsibility to jury abroad Defend Jews everywhere In Palestine Yishuv : the settlement o The notion of a pre-state Jewish community in Palestine You are not just a Jew now; you’re Israeli Millet : autonomous community defined by ethnicity, faith, or combination o Ottoman concept o Ex: if you are Christian, then your problems would be resolved by the Christian community o A body of laws that inspires autonomy o What allows the Yishuv to operate as a mini-Israel Knesset Israel : the umbrella institution for Israel o To represent the Yishuv in all its forms o To represent it visa vi the Jewish population o To collect money from the Diaspora Diaspora : the scattering of the Jews to countries outside of Palestine after the Babylonian captivity Monies from Diaspora goes to migrants Sets out to settle lands and build up Israel o Many pieces of Israel with different operative ideologies Same overcastting beliefs 1/31/08 What do we do and what kind of Israel do we want? Israel exists on one fundamental principal
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Midterm Review - 1/24/08 Fundamental is what you want,...

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