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Pat Flanagan Essay #3---In-Class 10-17-07 Everyone is Important In the essay, “The Boston Photographs,” Nora Ephron presents us with very dramatic pictures. The pictures she exposes to the reader are of a firefighter attempting to save a woman and her child on a fire escape. In the first two pictures we get the sense of the fire escape falling apart and you can see that the woman is about to fall. However, in the second two pictures you actually see the woman and her baby free falling. All of these pictures were printed in many newspapers throughout the US. Many readers had terrible reactions and thought that the second two pictures were inappropriate. I disagree with those people, because death is not actually depicted in these photos and they are in no way gory. I can see why people complained because the pictures are gripping. They show, what seems to be, the last few seconds of life for a woman and her child. However, the child actually did end up living through this terrible fall. The baby landed on the mother and lived while the
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Flanagan.E3 - Pat Flanagan Essay #3-In-Class 10-17-07...

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