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Pat Flanagan France 12/3/2007 France is one of the few developed countries in the world with the sixth-largest economy. Like most other developed countries their government is represented by a presidential democracy. France is also the most visited country in the world with great tourist sites such as Paris. There economy is now a market liberalization compared to their dirigiste past. In September of 1958 the constitution of the Fifth Republic was approved in France. This constitution fortified the executive branch which consists of two leaders: the President and the Government. The President is elected to a 5-year term by the citizens of France. The Government is lead by the Prime Minister who is appointed by the President. The Fifth Republic has not only strengthened the French government but it also made it a democracy that is resistant to some instability in the past. These past instabilities include financial problems dating back to the 18 th century when Louis XIV was under reign. World War I and World War II also greatly affected the French government in the early 20 th century when their troops were depleted and Germany took over half of their nation. However, after four years of Germany’s occupation in half of France, Allied forces helped France reclaim their nation. In May of 1958 there was a coup lead by General de Gaulle. Then later in 1958 after the introduction of the Fifth Republic, French citizens elected their President by ballot for the first time. The leaders of France then continued the development of the European Union. They were one of six founding states of the EU and continue to develop it in modern day ( France’s economy also plays a great role in their culture. They hold the sixth leading economy in the world to date. A great decision by France was to take on the euro as their currency in early 1999. A few things that have led to their uprising economy are their success in: Developing dynamic telecommunications, aerospace, and weapons sectors. With virtually no domestic oil production, France has relied heavily on the 1 | P a g e
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Country.Study.France - Pat Flanagan France 12/3/2007 France...

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