HIST 200 Lecture (4.2.2007)

HIST 200 Lecture (4.2.2007) - HIST-200 Lecture 4/2/2007...

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HIST-200 Lecture 4/2/2007 Last time: imperialism, acquisitions, protectorates, come out of this with an empire of sorts, island colonies scattered mostly across the Pacific and Caribbean World War I: The Great War - Comes about almost predictably that something is going to happen o 2 very thoroughly armed alliances had grown up o Triggering event: in Sarajevo (late June 1914) Serbian nationalist assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who is the heir to the throne Distinct because it brings together the two armed alliances of nations o Behind Serbia, stands Russia o Behind Austria-Hungary, stands Germany o Germany’s rise to power Before, they never really had a history of a national state It was more fragmented, really In the 19 th century, begins putting things together Rise to military, industrial might o 1879: Alliance with Austria-Hungary Seen by England and France as a threat to the balance of power in Europe So France and England join in an alliance, and then Russia later o U.S.: neutral, impartial Illusion: we have rekindled ties to England Germany was not democratic U.S. decides to preserve democracy, even if it is at the cost of violating the Monroe Doctrine - Steps o British side of the war England, early on, cuts the transatlantic cable connecting U.S.- Germany Evident by 1915, that the Allied Powers (ENG, FRA, RUS, ITA) are going to need help to counter Germany’s strong military
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HIST 200 Lecture (4.2.2007) - HIST-200 Lecture 4/2/2007...

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