HIST 200 Lecture (3.28.2007)

HIST 200 Lecture (3.28.2007) - HIST-200 Lecture 3/28/2007...

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HIST-200 Lecture 3/28/2007 Family History Project due date: April 27 th 3 rd part of class: Modern America and at least 4 big things we’ll be looking at: 1) 20 th century America has three great reform movements Progressivism, reform element of the New Deal during the 1930s, reform movement known as the Great Society during the 1960s, 2) Rise of the United States to global power, 3) broadening of individual rights and liberties for a greater number of U.S. citizens (African-Americans and civil rights are primary focus, but good attention to gender, women’s liberation), 4) change and continuity in American society since World War II (includes dramatic change in society, the domestic side to be sure). Diversity question qualifications for final exam essay: civil rights, immigration, gender We become an imperialist nation after the Civil War (doesn’t have negative connotation back then) - Parts of the world are colonized colonization impulse o By the beginning of the 20 th century, the U.S. has an empire o Always had been impulse towards Oriental markets (China and the riches of the Orient) o Don’t take a policy towards expansion with one exception Secretary of State Seward thought beyond continental bounds for
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HIST 200 Lecture (3.28.2007) - HIST-200 Lecture 3/28/2007...

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