HIST 200 Lecture (2.21.2007)

HIST 200 Lecture (2.21.2007) - HIST-200 Lecture 2/21/2007 -...

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2/21/2007 - U.S. is stabilizing itself with the rest of the world Convention of 1818 - Spain is declining - Spain: - could not stop Seminole Indians raids - Spanish Florida provides haven for runaway slaves - 1818: Andrew Jackson chased them into Florida o While in Spanish Florida, Jackson does many things (seizure, depose, charge) o Spain irritated U.S. pulls Jackson out J.Q. Adams and Onis reach an agreement in 1819 (Adams-Onis Treaty) 2 main provisions o Transfer of all of the Floridas to the United States In return, we assume the obligation to pay $5 million o Establishes a western boundary to the Louisiana Purchase territory We settle our difficulties with France (Louisiana Purchase), England (who had most powerful navy in the world), Spain (Adams-Onis Treaty) One final capstone to foreign policy: U.S. becomes worried about countries who have rebelled and won their independence from Spain o Worry is about the Latin American countries’ stability Not economically stable Social turmoil (with natives and slaves) Afraid that some European power will move in and take over James Monroe and J.Q. Adams decide to make a statement about American foreign policy Monroe Doctrine: o United States promises not to intervene in internal concerns of Europe o U.S. promises not to intervene in any European colonies in the Western hemisphere o U.S. declares that we would consider any European attempt to control Latin American republics as “unfriendly” to the interest of the U.S. o
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HIST 200 Lecture (2.21.2007) - HIST-200 Lecture 2/21/2007 -...

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