HIST 200 Lecture (1.31.2007)

HIST 200 Lecture (1.31.2007) - HIST-200 Lecture 1/31/2007...

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HIST-200 Lecture 1/31/2007 First midterm: Wednesday, February 7, 2007 Diversity: Race, gender, sexuality, religion Native Americans - first lecture - scattered stuff in Brinkley Chapter 6 of Davidson & Lytle - read this essay in preparation for the exam Not responsible for Native Americans on 2 nd exam Exam has 3 parts Each part: 2 or more questions 1.5 hours 3 questions, about 30 minutes for each part Diversity: Native Americans or religion Early American history pre-1700, for example: Salem, founding of colonies and England’s background, Jamestown, comparing Massachusetts and Virginia Later colonial period for example: long term transformation, Enlightenment, Great Awakening, Declaration of Independence, Constitution/Bill of Rights As long as everybody agrees with what king does, then good. But if there’s disagreement, there’s a problem. Trend during 18 th century - Assembly: accumulates more and more power o More speakers o Control finances (including governor’s salary) o Common defense from Natives o Power to control taxation o Men compete to serve in the Assembly Right to vote limited by: - Gender - Age - Property holding - Religion (in some of the colonies) 50% of the adult white males were allowed to vote
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HIST 200 Lecture (1.31.2007) - HIST-200 Lecture 1/31/2007...

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