HIST 200 Lecture (1.29.2007)

HIST 200 Lecture (1.29.2007) - HIST-200 Lecture More...

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HIST-200 Lecture 1/29/2007 More Folk (Limelighters, 1607 1620 1630 1640s – 1660 English Civil War (Neglect) 1660 – 1688 Mercantilist (Crackdown) 1688 – 1763 Neglect 1763 – 1776 Mercantilist (Crackdown) Long term transformation: 1640s – 1763 Short term (American Revolution): 1763 – 1776 Family History Project Two grades: 1) organization, sources, presentation of themes, thought process, 2) style (how well written), level of expression, grammar, form Interim project - Eliminate the word “very” o Just say “bad” instead of “very bad” - Feel free to “quote” sources o Shows character - Don’t need a title page - Mention sources I am likely to have Last time: Comparison of VA and MASS Growing differences between the English colonies and the mother country - Thesis: Between the beginnings but particularly after about 1700, the American colonies underwent a long term transformation from colonies of transplanted English men and women to provinces of Americans - Mercantilism: colonies exist for economic good of mother country - Periods of neglect o 1640s – 1660: Civil War England neglects the colonies, cannot force trade regulations Massachusetts starts building ships and carrying goods around the world, free to develop as they want Infantile American capitalism o 1660: Restoration, so… - Crackdown o England cuts off trade to other countries o Crisis and discontent
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HIST-200 Lecture 1/29/2007 o Eventually ends: because of dispute between James I and parliament James I a little too Catholic for taste of parliament o 1688: Glorious Revolution Parliament rises up and asserts it authority, drives James I out of the country Call in Protestant Mary and William of Orange to jointly take the English throne o Mercantilist crackdown dissipates o French and Indian Wars - 1690s – 1763: Another long period of neglect (REAL transformation takes place)
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HIST 200 Lecture (1.29.2007) - HIST-200 Lecture More...

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