HIST 200 Lecture (1.24.2007)

HIST 200 Lecture (1.24.2007) - Basic thing to remember from...

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Basic thing to remember from last time: South decentralized, North tight and communal Impact of these patterns of settlement on the way that life unfolds - Education o South: agrarian society, kids were needed at home during times of harvest. Education declines, even though “old field schools” were set up. Children from close proximity would attend those schools. The job of teacher was not wanted. Falling off of formal education in the South. Consequences in the form of literacy rates. o Northeast: 1635 Harvard is set up, there has always been a premium for education, towns of a certain size had to set up elementary schools, North pumps money into education - Religion o South: Anglican church set up, but people cannot always go, as South scatters, formal religion falls off, occasionally the pastor goes to certain plantations, vestry (group of laymen in the church) start taking on more and more duties, South becomes more secular and fall away from normal religion (South becomes more tolerant), center of revival (1740s
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