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HIST 200 Lecture (1.10.2007)

HIST 200 Lecture (1.10.2007) - HIST-200 Lecture Native...

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HIST-200 Lecture 1/10/2007 Native Americans Pre-contact (before Europeans make contact) “America was vacant.” Homeland for 9 to 10 million Native Americans. Relates to present day contiguous United States. N.A. History: Repetitious pushing back across the continent by persuasion, manipulation, by force, by conquest. Invasion: Spanish come in front (from south), French second (from north, get along best with N.A.), English (very bad relationship with N.A.) Biological exchange (Intercontinental/Columbian exchange) - exchange of flora/fauna (plants/animals) - Europeans got gold, silver, corn, potatoes, beans, vanilla, chocolate, tobacco, cotton - N.A. got wheat, sugar, rice, coffee, horses, cows, pigs, smallpox, measles, bubonic plague, influenza, typhus, diphtheria, scarlet fever (got good stuff, but disease as well) o 1524: Spanish depiction of onset of smallpox - By 1607: N.A. down to 500,000 to 600,000 people o Disease travels First kills really young/old If old/middle aged are killed, the transmitters of culture are killed… those who perpetual culture/language/ritual o Impact: Culture died as well, some N.A. groups were completely wiped out o Not much resistance to English because of waning population o Story turns into “pushing west” concept Great Plains Wars Wounded Knee (last gasp resistance) Dawes Act 1930s 1960s: part of Civil Rights movement Gambling/gaming 1607: founding of Jamestown, first day English settlement in contiguous U.S. Spanish were here first French were here second Why did they come? (3 reasons) - incapable of coming - stabilize things at home first o most of Europe is heavily fragmented, emergence of nation-states just being emergent at this point first prerequisite: things must be stabilized at home first pulling things together: internal unity in geographic area, consolidate political and economic power under ruler(s) emergence of nation-state were steadily consolidate power
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HIST-200 Lecture 1/10/2007 o Portugal does this first (by the 1460s-1480s) start to reach out, going south o Spanish consolidate second under Ferdinand and Isabella (employ Columbus to do westward expansion/exploration) o French stabilize for a while and all sorts of religious chaos ensues o Dutch o English are slow to stabilize
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