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Econ 366 Notes 10/22/2008 *** HW #2 will be posted today on Blackboard. Due on Monday (10/27) *** Chapter 12: Housing Problems and Policies Housing in the U.S. - U.S. has one of the best housing overall for any country in the world o Especially if you look at both the quality and area that every person is allotted o But, not the best in every respect o This was not true in the 1940s So, there has been a significant change in the past decades since Why did housing improve? - One reason: Real income capita has improved o Due to 1) increasing participation of women in workforce and 2) decline in fertility Change in housing costs and rents
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Unformatted text preview: -% of owner-occupiers has increased result: increasing inequality between highly educated and less-educated workers… disparity between rich and poor increased Housing problems-Two essential qualities of a house o Durability o Inflexibility Abandonment-One of the major problems of housing-An economic decision Effects on Abandonment-Has cost beyond the owners: reduces safety/attractiveness of a neighborhood-Could be a vicious cycle-High crime rates could make a neighborhood undesirable and lead to fall in property values and induce retirement Filtering-...
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