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Economics 366 Lecture 12.3.2008 Chapter 14 *Remember proportions of stuff! Maybe know exact numbers for top categories. Trends in state and local government finance Sources of revenue Main items of expenditure Difference in central city and suburban finances Reasons for central city fiscal problems (Why are central cities facing fiscal problems?) - Declining importance – moving away of business - Declining population and fixed costs - Federal (intergovernmental aid) - Sensitivity to business cycles Public goods, private goods and goods provided by local governments Tiebout hypothesis Effect of capitalization Applicability of Tiebout hypothesis Chapter 15 Materials balance Forms of discharge
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Unformatted text preview: Absorptive capacity (of environment) Types of air pollution Water pollution-Instream & withdrawal uses of water-Reaeration rate-Biochemical oxygen demand Solid wastes Atomic wastes International issues-Global warming and greenhouse gases-CFC and ozone depletion Government policies-Government collection & disposal-Regulation & enforcement (for different types of pollution)-Subsidies & their impact-Effluent fees-Marketable pollution rights-Reuse (recycling) Final Exam: Monday, December 15 th @ 8 – 10 AM (This room); Bring bluebooks Report any problems by December 8 th or 9 th (Office – KAP 306B, extension 3512)...
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