MUSC 423 Lecture (08.26.2008)

MUSC 423 Lecture (08.26.2008) - Dino Valenti [Quicksilver...

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MUSC-423 Lecture 8/25/2008 Professor Bill Biersach (“Beer-sock”) E-mail: Office: MUS 316 Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday @ 9 – 10 (AM or PM?); e-mail before visiting th edition) Class Format - First hour of class: professor talks - Second hour of class: TA talks - Write down everything on the overheads - Exams o 50 questions total, all multiple choice o ½ professor, ½ TA o 2 midterms, 1 final exam All non-cumulative, including the final - TA section o Reading assignments on Blackboard o Post discussions 4 posts before each test, NOT after 10% of grade 1960s: period when musical expectations were wild, and different sounds were hits 1970s: formula-driven, record companies wanted something that sounded like something “Hey Joe” by Billy Moses Roberts
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Unformatted text preview: Dino Valenti [Quicksilver Messenger Service]-San Francisco-Solo, acoustic gigs David Crosby [The Byrds]-Los Angeles-Purposeful imitation of Beatles Hard Days Night-Electric 12-string The Leaves [San Fernando]- Most recognized hit version (of Hey Joe) at the time The Standells [Los Angeles]-Dirty Water was their hit MUSC-423 Lecture 8/25/2008 Etc. (Theres a gap here, but not worthy of Professor Biersachs effort to lecture here) The Jimi Hendrix Experience [London]-Same chords, but drastically changed the feel Frank Zappa [The Mothers of Invention]-1967 album: Were Only in it for the Money o Song: Flower Punk Enhancement of Hey Joe Next time: 1) Pop music in 62 and 63, 2) why The Beatles made a difference...
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MUSC 423 Lecture (08.26.2008) - Dino Valenti [Quicksilver...

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