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MUSC 423 Lecture (10.20.2008)

MUSC 423 Lecture (10.20.2008) - o Album “Déjà...

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MUSC 423 Lecture 10/20/2008 David Crosby in San Francisco - Year 1967: Album “If I Could Only Remember My Name” - David & the Dorks - Jerry & the Jerks - Grateful Dead - Jefferson Airplane - Neil Young - Song: “What Are Their Names?” by - Song: “I’d Swear There Was Somebody There” Year 1967: Monterey Pop Festival - Neil Young quit Buffalo Springfield o David Crosby fills in for Neil Young The Blue Noses Crosby, Stills & Nash - Year 1969: Album “Crosby, Stills & Nash” o Instant success sold 2 million copies the first year (double platinum) o Got them the “Best New Artist” Grammys o Song: “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” Stephen Stills was having an affair with Judy Collins Neil Young – summer of 1969 -
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Unformatted text preview: o Album: “Déjà vu” (1970) Took 2 months to record Had 2 million advanced sales before release Song: “Woodstock” reached #11 • Written by Joni Mitchell (who at the time, was David Crosby’s squeeze) Song: “Teach Your Children” reached #16 • Features Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead on pedal steel Song: “Our House” by Graham Nash reached #30 Kent State University-Album: “4-Way Street”-Song: “Ohio” by Neil Young reached #14 in 1970-Song: “Find the Cost of Freedom” by Stephen Stills TA Section Segregation allowed the culture of the music to last and be pure (for African Americans)...
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