MUSC 423 Lecture (10.27.2008)

MUSC 423 Lecture (10.27.2008) - Country Joe and the...

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MUSC-423 Lecture 10/27/2008 Today’s topic: Protest music Chicago radio station: WCFL - Conducted “Battle of the Barrys” 1965 o Barry McGuire – “Eve of Destruction” Recorded in Los Angeles “Scat vocal” o Staff Sgt. Barry Sadler – “The Ballad of the Green Berets” Become a writer of music for TV For “A-Team” Manfred Mann (1968) - Song: “With God on Our Side” written by Bob Dylan o Bob Dylan said in an interview that Manfred Mann was the “greatest interpreter of his [Bob Dylan’s] material” British singer: Donovan Leitch - Song: “Universal Soldier” - If not for him, Led Zeppelin would never have happened Motown – Edwin Starr - Song: “War” o #1 for 7 weeks o Originally recorded by “The Temptations” o Said that the song was about war in general, not just about Vietnam Professor Biersach’s favorite anti-war song
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Unformatted text preview: Country Joe and the Fish-Song: “I-FEEL-LIKE-I’M-FIXIN’-TO-DIE-RAG” o Essentially a commercial for the Vietnam War Sonny Bono-Song: “Laugh At Me” o Response to dress code (he had long hair)-For a long time, was married to Cher Tom Lehrer-Song: “National Brotherhood Week”-Was a mathematics professor at Harvard-Was part of a team that put together the television show: “That Was the Week That Was” (TWTWTW) o Evolved into the original Saturday Night Live Frank Zappa-Song: “Who Needs the Peace Corps” o From the album “We’re Only In It For The Money” MUSC-423 Lecture 10/27/2008 o Owsley Stanley: lighting director for The Grateful Dead, was also a chemist Made designer strands of LSD...
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MUSC 423 Lecture (10.27.2008) - Country Joe and the...

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