MUSC 423 Lecture (11.10.2008)

MUSC 423 Lecture (11.10.2008) - MUSC-423 Lecture POWER...

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MUSC-423 Lecture 11-10-2008 POWER TRIOS Lead Guitar Bass Guitar Drums In most bands, there’s a lead guitar, rhythm guitar, and bass guitar. - Rhythm guitar plays chords, establishes feel of the song o Rhythm instrument could also be piano, organ, and so forth o Power Trio eliminates the rhythm guitar o All the stuff the rhythm guitar did do has to be implied by the other remaining instruments Power Trio - Made for musicians with enormously huge egos - Usually didn’t last very long because of the sheer amount of effort - The one Power Trio that lasted a long time was the band “The Who” Owsley Stanley III - Lighting for the Grateful Dead - Made strands of LSD - Purple Haze - Blue Cheer Blue Cheer - Trio in the band o Leigh Stevens guitar o Paul Whaley drums o Dickie Peterson bass + vocals - Was listened to by many other bands at the time o Leigh Stevens came up with ways of getting certain sounds out of his guitar Came up with unique guitar sounds… very influential guitar player
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MUSC 423 Lecture (11.10.2008) - MUSC-423 Lecture POWER...

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