MUSC 423 Lecture (11.24.2008)

MUSC 423 Lecture (11.24.2008) - The Moody Blues-In 1967...

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MUSC 423 Lecture 11/24/2008 Power Trios Keith Emerson – keyboards, main act: Hammond Organ Also famous for using the Moog Synthesizer Very unstable instrument, had to be wired together Greg Lake – bass, guitars, vocals Carl Palmer – drums Last song on the album: “Lucky Man” Another song: “Tank” (composed by drummer Carl Palmer) Album: “Brain Salad Surgery” Song: “Karn Evil 9” Specific part: “First Impression, Part 2” 1973: most popular band in the United States Donovan - Wrote a song called “Hurdy Gurdy Man” o Intended to give the song to Jimi Hendrix Producer told Donovan to sing it and convinced Donovan o Brought other people to play along Jimmy Page (guitar) John Paul Jones (bass) Bonham (drums) These three are Led Zeppelin without (Robert Plante singing?) Alan Holdsworth (2 nd guitar) Someone plays the sitar
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Unformatted text preview: The Moody Blues-In 1967, they released an album: “Days of Future Passed” o Successful melding of a rock band and an orchestra o Song: “Nights in White Satin”-In 1968, follow-up album: “In Search of the Lost Chord” o Decided they would play the orchestra instruments themselves Ended up playing 34 instruments they didn’t know how to play • Bass player ended up playing the cello Song: “Legend of a Mind” • First line of the song: “Timothy Leary’s dead…” o Timothy Leary: famous LSD guy King Crimson MUSC 423 Lecture 11/24/2008-Band members o Robert Fripp – guitar (lead) o Greg Lake – bass & vocals-1969 Album: “In the Court of the Crimson King” o Peter Townsend of The Who called it “an uncanny masterpiece” o Song: “21 st Century Schizoid Man” “Precision playing”...
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MUSC 423 Lecture (11.24.2008) - The Moody Blues-In 1967...

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