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acronyms and initialisms found in CIS 09/27/2009, page 1 no. full name 1 2SAE 2-Stage Aitken Estimator 2 2SHI 2-stage Hierarchical Information Estimator 3 2SLS 2-Stage Least Squares 4 3SLS 3-Stage Least Squares 5 AAC Auto-Associative composite [models] 6 AAPOR American Association for Public Opinion Research 7 AARE Average Asymptotic Relative Efficiency 8 ABIC Akaike's Bayesian Information Criterion 9 ABLUE Asymptotic Best Linear Unbiased Estimator 10 ACCRA American Chamber of Commerce Research Association 11 ACD Autoregressive Conditional Duration model 12 ACE (1) Alternate Conditioning expectation 13 ACE (2) Alternating Cluster Estimation 14 ACF sample Correlation Function 15 ACL Abdushukurov-Cheng-Lin [estimator] 16 ACS American Community Survey 17 ACVF sample AutoCoVariance Function 18 ADE Average Derivative Estimator 19 ADF Augmented Dickey-Fuller [regression] 20 ADL Activities of Daily Living 21 AFSNs Adjusted Fail-Safe Ns 22 AFT Accelerated Failure Time [model] 23 AIC Akaike Information Criterion 24 AID Automatic Interaction Detection 25 AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome 26 AIMSUN2/RB AIMSUN2/RB Network Micro-simulator 27 ALC Average Length Criteria 28 ALT Accelerated Life Test 29 AMMI Additive Main effects and Multiplicative Interaction [model] 30 AMP Andersson-Madigan-Perlman [alternative Markov property for chain graphs] 31 AMSE Asymptotic Mean Squared Error 32 ANCOVA ANalysis of COVAriance 33 ANM Adaptive Nonlinear Model 34 ANN Artificial Neural Network 35 ANOMX Analysis Of MiXtures 36 ANOQE one-way ANalysis Of Rao's Quadratic Entropy 37 ANOVA ANalysis Of Variance 38 AOQ Average Outgoing Quality 39 AOQL Average Outgoing Quality Limit 40 AP Advanced Placement [Exam] 41 APO Asymptotically Pointwise Optimal [rules] 42 APPL A Probability Programming Language 43 APT Arbitrage Pricing Theory 44 AQL Acceptable Quality Level acronym/ initialism
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acronyms and initialisms found in CIS 09/27/2009, page 2 45 AR AutoRegressive process 46 ARARMA [Parzen's] AutoRegressive-AutoRegressive Moving Average [models] 47 ARB Absolute Relative Bias 48 ARBIB Affine Resolvable Balanced Incomplete Block [designs] 49 ARCH AutoRegressive Conditional Heteroscedasticity 50 ARCH-M AutoRegressive Conditional Heteroscedasticity in Mean 51 ARDL AutoRegressive Distributed Lag 52 ARE Asymptotic Relative Efficiency 53 ARFIMA AutoRegressive Fractionally Integrated Moving Average 54 ARIMA AutoRegressive Integrated Moving Average [models] 55 ARL Average Run Length 56 ARLI AutoRegressive Leading Indicator 57 ARMA AutoRegressive Moving Average [models] 58 ARMAX ARMA with eXogeneous inputs 59 ARMS Adaptive Rejection Metropolis Sampling [algorithm] 60 ARX AutoRegressive [model] with eXogeneous inputs 61 ASA American Statistical Association 62 ASD Alternating Slice-wise Demarginalization 63 ASE Average Square Error 64 ASN Average Sample Number 65 ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode [protocol] 66 AUC Area Under the Curve 67 audioCasi audio-enhanced Computer-assisted self-interview
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Acronyms - acronymsandinitialismsfoundinCIS...

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