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Assignment 2 ST 560 Summer 2008 Instructions: Solution to Assignment 2 should be contained in a Word document and submitted to the instructor within one week of its assignment. Answer the following questions / problems from the textbook: Page Problem 49 6, 9 65-66 50, 56 (Remember that all graphs should be accompanied by a brief discussion if key characteristics. You should always do this unless instructed otherwise.)
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Unformatted text preview: 71-72 66, 67 (use Minitab to construct the plots) 82-83 91 (part a only), 93 86 23 Additional Activities : (These activities are not to be included in the Word document for the problems listed above.) Be able to answer the following type of problems: Page Problem 66-67 51, 54, 57 Read the discussion of Relative-Frequency Polygons and Ogives on pages 66-67....
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