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Assignment 6 ST 560 Summer 2008 Instructions: Solution to Assignment 6 should be contained in a Word document and submit via eLearning by the specified due date. Answer the following questions / problems from the textbook: Page Problem 158 12, 16 Read the discussion of Odds, than answer question 18. 174 46 186 68 (omit part e), 69 (omit part f)
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Unformatted text preview: 187 Read ‘Correlation of Events’ then answer 74 193 77, 78 201 93, 96 212 109, 113 Additional Activities : (These activities are not to be included in the Word document for the problems listed above.) Read problem 98 page 202. Work problem 112 page 213. Read the biography of Andrei Kolmogorov on page 223....
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