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Unformatted text preview: Module 9 Sampling Distribution The Distribution of Statistics Objectives: One should be able to • determine the probability distribution for the sample mean • state and use the Central Limit Theorem Relevant Facts : The birth weight of U.S. babies is N(7.4 lbs, 1.2 lbs ) Random sample of 144 births in the region gives a sample mean of 7.0 lbs. Is chemical pollution causing low birth weights in the surrounding region? Some Starting Ideas • Statistic values estimate parameters. • Estimates display sampling error (typically incorrect, but hopefully close). • Can we use probability distributions to give a confidence level for our estimate? Some Starting Ideas Consider the following simulation: Roll a single die 1000 times, record the • outcome of each roll • average for every two rolls of the die • average for every 10 rolls of the die • average for every 50 rolls of the die....
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Chp9-lecture_notes_sampling_distribution - Module 9...

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