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Module 11 Hypothesis Tests Hypothesis Tests for the Population Mean Objectives: One should be able to describe logic of hypothesis testing choose appropriate methods for conducting tests conduct and interpret tests of hypothesis for the mean explain the relationship between confidence interval and tests of hypothesis. Claim : The mean birth weight for the region is less than the U.S. mean. Recall: Birth weights in the U.S. are distributed N(7.4 lbs, 1.2 ). Is chemical pollution causing low birth weights in the surrounding region?
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Key ideas: Logic of Hypothesis Testing • We are using sample data to infer about a larger population. • Two mutually exclusive and exhaustive statements will be constructed. • One statement will be considered true unless sufficient evidence suggests it should be rejected as false. Nature of Hypothesis Testing: Null Hypothesis (H o ) is the hypothesis to be tested. Assumed true, unless inconsistent with our sample data. Alternative Hypothesis (H a ) is the statement to be adopted if H o is inconsistent with our sample data. The researcher’s claim is typically associated with the alternative hypothesis, H a .
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Chp11-lecture_notes_hypothesis_tests - Module 11 Hypothesis...

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