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MUS 204 – Notes on the Test, and Sample Questions The first test will take place February 25. It will last around 60-70 minutes. There will be no lecture after the test. In case of illness or dire emergency, should you miss the test, contact me immediately. The test will be arranged in three sections. First, there will be a listening section (worth about 40-45%). Recorded excerpts, not always taken from the beginning of a work or movement, will be played twice, and you will be asked to answer questions about them. Sample Questions PART A 1. Composer___________________ Work from which this movement is taken ________________ Publication date ____________Name of movement __________ What term do we use for the structure of this movement?_______________________ What part(s) of the structure did you hear? __________________________________ ___________________________________.[excerpt is opening section of the Gigue
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Unformatted text preview: from Partita #1 Bwv 825, with the beginning of its repeat] 2. Composer___________________ Who wrote the words?_____________________ From what larger work does this movement come?_____________________________ __________ What “characters” do the two singers represent? ____________________ [excerpt is opening of the second duet in Cantata 140] The second section, worth only about 10-20%, which be a series of objective questions. 1. The works in L’Estro armonico are of the genre _____________________________. 2. The most important difference between a harpsichord and a piano is ____________ ____________________________________________________________________. The third section will require an essay-style answer. 1. Discuss the three main professional positions occupied by J.S. Bach. For each compositional period, name a work composed during that time....
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