204outline - MUS 204S Spring term, 2009 Wednesday 1-3...

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MUS 204S The Age of Bach and Handel Spring term, 2009 Professor M. Parker Wednesday 1-3 EJB 226 Emmanuel College 001 946-0647 parker.maryann@gmail.com Please feel free to contact me by email or at my office phone number. I will also be glad to see you during my office hours (T11-12, W 3-4). If you have other classes and cannot come during the office hours, contact me to arrange another time. Introduction Over the term, we deal with music of the High Baroque period, and particularly music of Bach and Handel. Anyone interested in the artistic, political and literary trends of the eighteenth century might want to take this course. We will examine the cultural and historical context of the music, and become familiar with some of its styles and structures. These will be introduced in a way that is intelligible to everyone; in other words, a musical background is not a prerequisite. There is no required text. Readings are available on the website, and all required musical examples are accessible either on the website or on the Naxos Music Library website. As
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This note was uploaded on 09/27/2009 for the course MUS MUS204 taught by Professor Parker during the Winter '09 term at University of Toronto- Toronto.

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204outline - MUS 204S Spring term, 2009 Wednesday 1-3...

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