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Lecture 8 – Summary This week, we’ll introduce George Frideric Handel. We’ll outline his biography, with an emphasis on the first thirty-five years of his life. This will allow us to introduce the biographical background for next week’s study of the opera Tamerlano. You can find a concise account of Handel’s life in the Oxford Companion to Music article by Peter Lynan. I have also provided a Handel Time Line for quick reference. We’ll watch a substantial excerpt of a film called The Italian Connection , which is available in the Music Library. I’m hoping you’ll take away from this film a sense of the atmosphere of the time, especially in London, and well as a feeling for the influence of
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Unformatted text preview: Italian culture on Handel and his audiences. Here are some of the important names and ideas in the film:- the “Grand Tour”- the Earl of Burlington- the castrato Nicolini, who starred in Rinaldo , the Italian opera which was Handel’s first great success in London.- the notion of castrato singers- the Duke of Chandos- Acis and Galatea -the short English opera from around 1718- the creation of the Royal Academy of Music- the composer Bononcini- a famous da capo aria from Handel’s Giulio Cesare, sung by Cleopatra. It’s called “V’adoro pupille.”...
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