204lect1-1 - Lecture 1 Short Summary Well look at the...

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Lecture 1 – Short Summary We’ll look at the course website (still under construction) and go over the outline. The music we’ll be studying comes from the Baroque period. We examine a few of the general concepts of the style, including the notion of the Affections. By placing this style in its historical context, we can begin to understand what differentiates it from other musical styles. We begin to look at the life and works of Johann Sebastian Bach (see the Bach timeline). I’ll show you some of the best electronic sources for research. By modern standards, Bach published very few of his compositions, and virtually all of these were for keyboard (either harpsichord or organ). His very first publication was in 1726, and it was Partita #1 for harpsichord (BWV 825). This is the first piece of music to be studied in detail in this course. I’ll show you how to access it online, so you can listen to it in preparation for next week’s lecture. Finally, we’ll consider the importance of dance in music of the High Baroque. With the aid of a video, I’ll introduce you to a few of the dances we find most often in Baroque suites. ___________ Reading 1 Claude V. Palisca, Baroque Music (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1981), 2-5. The French philosopher Noel-Antoine Pluche used the word baroque in 1746 to characterize the style of playing of Jean Pierre Guignon as opposed to Jean Baptiste Anet, then the most celebrated violinists in Paris. Guignon, he says, aims to show off his great agility, to amuse and surprise. Baptiste, on the other hand, prefers a sustained
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204lect1-1 - Lecture 1 Short Summary Well look at the...

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