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MUS 308F ­ Assignment (due October 4) Below you will find two passages from eighteenth­century books about Handel. How can we interpret these, given the information you have learned about Handel's life and works during the first few weeks of the term? What are the interesting points about the attitudes of these writers, and what aspects of Handel's life or which examples of his works might they be referring to? Write an essay of about 750­800 words, or about three typed pages. This need not be a research essay with a bibliography, but I think if you have questions about the meanings of words or the identity of names you might wish to consult general sources such as The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (See "Basic Research Tools" on the course website.) For general background on the subject of Handel reception, see Mary Ann Parker, "Reception of Handel Operas, then and now," University of Toronto Quarterly 72 (2003): 850­857. As always, acknowledge secondary sources with footnotes or endnotes where it is appropriate: when you quote another writer, when you state something that is not part of general knowledge on a subject, and when you use another writer's idea. Please be aware of the University's regulations against the serious offense of plagiarism. For guidelines on citation
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short_assignment - MUS308F Assignment (dueOctober4)...

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