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Unformatted text preview: G.F. Handel, Acis and Galatea (1718) Libretto by John Gay (and others?) EXCERPTS 1. Sinfonia 2. Chorus: Wretched lovers! Fate has passed This sad decree: no joy shall last. Wretched lovers, quit your dream! Behold the monster Polypheme! See what ample strides he takes! The mountain nods, the forest shakes: The waves run frightened to the shores: Hark, how the thund'ring giant roars! Accompagnato Polyphemus: I rage, I melt, I burn! The feeble god has stabbed me to the heart. Thou trusty pine, prop of my godlike steps I lay thee by! Bring me a hundred reeds of decent growth, To make a pipe for my capacious mouth In soft enchanting accents let me breathe Sweet Galatea's beauty and my love. Aria O ruddier than the cherry, O sweeter than the berry, O nymph more bright than moonshine night, Like kidlings blithe and merry. Ripe as the melting cluster, No lily has such lustre, Yet hard to tame as raging flame, And fierce as storms that bluster. 3. Recitative Galatea: Cease, O cease thou gentle youth, Trust my constancy and truth, Trust my truth and pow’rs above The pow’rs propitious still to love! (continued) Trio Galatea, Acis: The flocks shall leave the mountains, The woods the turtle dove, The nymphs forsake the fountains, Ere I forsake my love! Polyphemus: Torture! fury! rage! despair! I cannot, cannot bear! Galatea, Acis: Not show’rs to larks so pleasing, Nor sunshine to the bee, Not sleep to toil so easing, As these dear smiles to me. Polyphemus: Fly swift, thou massy ruin, fly! Die, presumptuous Acis, die! Accompagnato Acis: Help, Galatea! help, ye parent gods! And take me dying to your deep abodes. Chorus Chorus: Mourn, all ye muses! Weep, all ye swains! Tune, tune your reeds to doleful strains! Groans, cries and howlings fill the neighb’ring shore: Ah, the gentle Acis is no more! ...
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