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University of Toronto PHL 245 Modern Symbolic Logic Test 1 Instructor Sorin Bangu July 21 st , 2005 -- LM 159 45 minutes (8:10 – 8:55 PM) Worth 30% of the final grade. Answer all questions. Staple this page with your answers. Write your name and student # on every page you return. 1. True or false? Explain. a) All sound arguments are valid. ( 5 marks) b) There are sound arguments with at least one false premise. ( 5 ) 2. Paraphrase, indicate the dictionary and then symbolize. ( 10 ) Either George doesn’t have a high cholesterol level or cholesterol is trapped in the walls of his arteries. If cholesterol is trapped in his arteries then plaque will build up, and with such a build up, he is a candidate for a heart attack. Hence George is a candidate for a heart attack.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Consider the following sentence: (~[(~(A & ~B)) & ~A]) & (B v C) a) Indicate one truth-value assignment in which the sentence is true. ( 10 ) b) Indicate one truth-value assignment in which the sentence is false. ( 10 ) (If no such assignment exists, then point this out.) 4. Is the following sentence truth-functionally true? Explain. [C (C v ~D)] (C v D) ( 10 ) 5. True or false? Explain. A disjunction with one truth-functionally false disjunct must itself be truth-functionally false. ( 15 ) 6. Are these two sentences truth-functionally equivalent? Explain. (~ (D v B)) (C B) and C (D & B) ( 10 ) 7. Is the following set truth-functionally consistent? Explain. {H J, J K, K ~H} ( 15 ) 8. Determine whether the following argument is truth-functionally valid. Explain your answer. ( 10 ) B v (A & ~C) (C A) & B ~B v A _______ ~ (A v C) Total 100 marks...
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