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PHL 245 Practice Questions for Test One Concepts: Indicate whether the following are true or false, and explain your answers briefly. (1) A deductively valid argument with a false conclusion must have at least one false premise. (2) A logically inconsistent set of sentences may contain a logical falsehood . (3) Every argument having premises that form a logically inconsistent set is deductively valid . (4) Logical analysis alone cannot generally tell us whether an deductively valid argument is deductively sound . (5) Every argument that has “I hate everyone, but I like myself” as a conclusion is deductively valid .
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Symbolizations : Symbolize the following using the interpretations given. (1) If Curly is in the restaurant if Larry is, then Moe orders cream pie only if Curly does. (2) Supposing none of them order a cream pie, at least two of them are in the restaurant. (3) Moe is in the restaurant unless Larry is, however, Curly orders pie if and only Moe does. (4) Exactly one of them orders cream pie.
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PHL245_Test_1_Practice_Questions - PHL 245 Practice...

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