eating disorders - Eating Disorders In todays society...

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Eating Disorders In today’s society, people are becoming more cautious about their appearances. We are constantly surrounded by people whom we think look better than us. From the media to the streets, we are exposed to people with nice bodies. The media also sends us messages and tells us how to look and dress a certain way. Their definition of beauty gets into our minds and we develop a need or desire to look that way. Little do we know, getting the perfect body is impossible, yet there are many out there struggling with their image. Not only does this cause low self-esteem, it may lead to negative ways acting upon this problem. For some, exercising and maintaining a healthy diet can help them achieve their ideal body image, but others may starve and binge, potentially leading to anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa is commonly known as “anorexia.” It is an eating disorder that causes irregular low body weight and loss of appetite that is also hazardous to an individual’s health. Anorexia calls for extreme and abnormal dieting that may lead to starvation and various health problems. Those diagnosed with this disorder tend to have self-esteem issues, strong emotions, and a need to feel in control. In order to take control, they begin to start eating less and are constantly worried about overeating and being overweight. After the weight loss, they feel like they’ve taken control over their weight, but they often strive to become thinner. They often develop a perceptual distortion where others see an abnormal body, but they see someone who’s perfectly normal. This becomes a serious obsession similar to drug addiction. There are many causes for anorexia, but mainly it is caused by social pressures. Genetics as well, play a role in developing anorexia. If a girl has a sibling with anorexia,
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she is 10 to 20 times more likely than the general population to develop anorexia herself (Help Guide). Women in the United States have a 10 times chance of developing eating disorders than men. Teenage girls have the greatest risk because they are that the stake where they are evaluated based on their attractiveness (Zimbardo). Living in the Western culture, the ideal body type is to be tall and skinny like the celebrities and models on television. On top of celebrities being the role model to some, anorexia may be caused by
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eating disorders - Eating Disorders In todays society...

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