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Unit 1 Key Terms and Concepts

Unit 1 Key Terms and Concepts - Unit 1 Nutrition Concepts 1...

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Unit 1 Nutrition Concepts 1. Food is a basic need of humans. 2. Foods provide energy (calories), nutrients, and other substances needed for growth and health. 3. Health problems related to nutrition originate within cells. 4. Poor nutrition can result from both inadequate and excessive levels of nutrient intake. 5. Humans have adaptive mechanisms for managing fluctuations in nutrient intake. 6. Malnutrition can result from poor diets and from disease states, genetic factors, or combinations of these causes. 7. Some groups of people are at higher risk of becoming inadequately nourished than others. 8. Poor nutrition can influence the development of certain chronic diseases. 9. Adequacy, variety, and balance are key characteristics of a healthy diet. 10. There are no “good” or “bad” foods. Key Terms 1. antioxidants – chemical substances that prevent or repair damage to cells caused by exposure to oxidizing agents such as environmental pollutants, smoke, ozone and oxygen. Oxidation reactions are also a normal part of cellular processes. Beta-carotene, vitamin E, and vitamin C function as antioxidants.
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