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1 ECE 313 (Fall 2009) Homework #3 (Due: September 30, 2009, Wednesday, in class) Reading Assignment Reminder: Section 2.8, Section 5.1 – 5.2 Recommended Optional Reading: Section 2.10 – 2.11, Section 5.4-5.5 Problems: 1) (10 pts) Problem 42 on page 99 of the textbook. 2) (10 pts) A loudspeaker is an electromechanical system where an electrical signal v is converted into mechanical motion of a membrane, which generates sound. It can be modeled by the electric circuit and mechanical system shown in the following figure. The (induced) voltage e in the electric circuit is proportional to the speed of the mass; namely,
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Unformatted text preview: x K e 1 . The force f acting on the mass is proportional to the current i in the circuit; namely, i K f 2 . Find the transfer function from the input voltage v to the mass position x , in terms of the parameters R , L , M , b , K 1 , and K 2 . 3) (10 pts) Problem 4 on page 271 of the textbook. Show your intermediate steps. 4) (10 pts) Reduce the block diagram shown below to a single block representing the transfer function ) ( ) ( ) ( s R s C s G . Show your intermediate steps. v R L e i f M x b + + 5 s...
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