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Chem experiment 1 flowchart

Chem experiment 1 flowchart - 4 Measure 1.0mL of 3M HCl and...

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Sagar Shah Experiment 1 Flow Chart Organic Chemistry 201 Part A: 1.Weigh out 2.00g of sodium benzoate and put it in a 30mL beaker. 2. Measure 10mL of water and stir it into the sodium benzoate. 3. Measure 5.0mL of 3M hydrochloric acid and stir it into the sodium benzoate solution. 4. Add 3M HCl drop by drop until the pH is 2. 5. Cool the solution to 10 degrees C. 6. Separate new substance by vacuum filtration. 7. Use 5mL of cold water to transfer any solid that adheres to the walls of the beaker. 8. Dry the solid to a constant mass. 9. Weigh the dried product and label it. 1. Calibrate a short pipet. 2. Weigh .400g of sodium benzoate. 3. Measure 3Ml of water into the vial and stir.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Measure 1.0mL of 3M HCl and stir it into the vial until you have added 0.8mL. 5. Add HCl drop by drop unitl the pH is 2. 6. Cool the solution for at least 5 minutes. 7. If a new substance formed, separate it by vacuum filtration. 8. Use 1mL of cold water to transfer any stuck to the sides. 9. Label the vial. Part B: 1. Measure 1.1mL of unknown liquid with a measuring pipet. 2. Weigh the empty vial. 3. Measure the volume of the liquid and put it in the vial. 4. Prepare 5 portions. 5. Graph your data. Clean the glassware and work area. Turn in checked out items and labeled product....
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