USS Vincennes Assignment

USS Vincennes Assignment - USS Vincennes Assignment Just as...

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USS Vincennes Assignment Just as you did with Hurricane Katrina Teton Dam, and TMI, do the same thing with the USS Vincennes Case. Study the long list of ethical categories, theories, and models from the two PowerPoint presentations (PPP): Theories of Responsibility, Accountability, and Liability. What ethical categories apply to this case? Choose one or two and write a paragraph or two explaining why you think these ethical concepts apply. This part is due Friday by Midnight. Then, in your second post, read other students’ original posts and respond to one of them. This is due Monday by Noon. At the end of the PPP on the USS Vincennes some of the ethical theories are already applied. Do not simply restate these. That would be plagiarism of course. POSTS : 1) First one big issue with this whole catastrophe was the fact that the boat captain showed recklessness by drifting into Iranian waters, basically just so they could engage on a near harmless other small Iranian gunboat that was no match for a vessel the size of the Vincennes. This Captain was very trigger happy which I feel gets absorbed by the rest of the crew which leads to everyone making rash decisions that would normally not happen. Another concept that I feel had a lot to do with this tragedy is the ergonomics of the ships radar and display system which were obviously not user friendly under high stress high tension situations because according to case study the radar operator was not able to make a positive identification on the aircraft and misread the radar screen leading to the destruction of the airliner carrying civilians. By Nicholas Kusturiss 2) In the case of the USS Vincennes catastrophe, I feel that the concepts of ergonomics and the problem of many hands played an equally valid, interrelated part. First, the design of the enemy identification equipment was simply not formulated with the thought of a soldier in the heat of battle in mind. When an enemy ship is approaching and the lives of every person on the vessel are at stake, everyone is obviously going to be under an extreme amount of pressure. Under such conditions, it would make sense to design a system which involved little to no human thought or calculation, as pressure does no good for logical thought process. The fact that the crew using this advanced machinery had to do off the screen calculations and manipulations of the data are simply not ergonomically efficient, and led to the incorrect identification of the incoming craft. If the calculations were automated, the craft would have been more accurately identified. Catastrophe avoided. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Next, the problem of many hands came into play. With so many roles to be fulfilled on such a vessel, the responsibilities of the crew members are spread quite thin. It was the responsibility of only a few to identify the incoming enemy craft. They wrongly identified it, and this faulty piece of information was passed to the captain. If it was the captain’s responsibility to verify that the information he was receiving was correct, the
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USS Vincennes Assignment - USS Vincennes Assignment Just as...

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