penn101_09s_syllabus - Econ 101 Intermediate Microeconomics...

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Unformatted text preview: Econ 101: Intermediate Microeconomics Jing Li Department of Economics University of Pennsylvania Spring, 2009 I. Practical Matters (1) Instructor: Jing Li (2) Meeting: TR 10:30-11:50am, CHEM B13 (3) Contact: (office) McNeil 462, (phone) 215-898-8484, (e-mail) [email protected] (4) Office Hours: Tuesdays and Fridays, 9-10am, or by appointment. (5) TA: Zhao Yang (6) TA’s contact: (office) McNeil 417, (e-mail) [email protected] (7) TA’s office hours: Mondays and Wednesdays, 5-6pm, or by appointment. II. Course Description As a natural sequel to Econ 1, this course provides an in-depth analysis of the economic methods for analyzing decisions by consumers and firms, and it develops the tools for understanding how individuals take decisions and how markets work. In addition, we study issues like taxes, market demand, labor supply, risk management, firm organization and game theory. See the course plan for details. The basic tools that are developed allow seemingly different problems to be studied and understood in a similar way. A substantial part of successfully completing this course consists in practicing to solve a variety of problems: a regular brain workout is the best guarantee to attain proficiency. At the end of the course, students should be able to evaluate a decision problem of consumers and firms, and understand the basic mechanisms of how markets markets operate....
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penn101_09s_syllabus - Econ 101 Intermediate Microeconomics...

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