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American Vowels_Consonant charts LIN200 -...

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Unformatted text preview: FI'OI‘I‘I (forward) 1 men 0 2. atom a. runs: 1 4 UNROUNDED DQQLbQQLhQQi. , ti “Eng gap 1. man . 2. mom I 3. LAX 4. unnounoso hit. pit ljfi. libefiy, lip L MID *diphlhong z. mom o 3. TENSE cl 4. UNROUNDED 1. MID 4. mom a. LAX P??? UNROUNDED bgf. Igugh. 19x. Ngniuckai. pgnic. rgcket "' diphihong .-= vowel + glide (semi-vowel) d. UNROUNDED rgperioire. rgpefiiion. bfii. bgd. lgi. ragrgi, fr_e_i. bgfler .- -- “a -- I... A... “I; I IL.- II“- “on Is-- I-.. .- TONGUE ADVANCEMENT Backi central) 1 min about ogllide. 2. BACK (central) gboui a 3. LAX m 4. UNROUNDED 1. Mil! giher, udder, 2. BACK (conned) We“. M m 3- “‘3‘ ‘diphihong ‘I. 2. 3. 4. O a] Low BACK (contra!) TENS! UNHOIJNDED my, fide. ihkm, buy 4. UNROIJNDED *diphihong 1. Low 2. BACK (annual) 3. TENSE d. UNROUNDED crgmd. hguse. Dim. banish. human. 6% Vowels of Américan English Back rggf.f9_Qd.ngt, 1. HIGH mm. 9921, mg: 33:: 11 I221 4. nounnsn 1. men 2_ BACK P953. cggkie. U a. LA): 9.. 4. acumen Ins—am égii. 121 ‘diphthong ;; 31' (1 lOW BACK TENS! UNROUNDED cgt. r9!- guesome 3. 1!. TENSE caught 'rmx. 9J1. lgw MID BACK lAX ROUNDED Rounded distinguish difference by rounding of [a] «22'.ij 11.. "W “M w a: ..._W«~(»mermmtl: i >mrxfma Place of LABIAL CORONAL . afllcululion I: +anlerior -anlerior Phonetic Description of Bll Ial Lablo- Deni I I l - - ' o alalal I Sf°ps I0 {-V] b [+v] 1 M d [+v] k {-VI 9 PW] ‘3 ['V] I-sonomnfl an E: $16 rap, $3153”. glp.gust.sleg.grau. flangeng .L fitéggfew gagh 'Aflricales U ['V] d3 [+v] [+delayed release] $39123; . gem Frlcafives S [N] Z [W] [+contlnuan’r] ' I - +sonoranl Nasals [continuum] All. NASALS AIE VOICED mough. bower. thought. mlck. meurnallc. note. now. slgn, angel. 1 [+V lateral] J [+V mlmflex] leaf. loose. lock quulds [+con1inuanl] bung. hmlng. wrlfer. - >u a l - + ' Glideslseml- M V] W[ V] ._ ._u+. . . . . VOWE!$) is; use c a web meal! Queen mm [+con'nnuanl] .h. sound B de-Volcofi DESCRIBE . Place of articulation (8 places) . VOiCed [+v] or non-voiced [-v] . Manner of articulation . Airstream mechanism" _ 3 ~ *IN ENGLISH THE “AIRSTREAM MECHANISM" ls pULM Nlc EGRESIVE FOR ALL PHONEMES ...
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American Vowels_Consonant charts LIN200 -...

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