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sample final B - In the circuit shown to the left CI = 1.0...

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Unformatted text preview: In the circuit shown to the left CI = 1.0 C2= 2.9uF, and C3= 4.0}1F.A voltage of 28.0 V is applied across pomts a and b. After C I is fully charged the switch is thrown to the right. What is the final charge and voltage on each capacitor? A conducting rod AB moves to the right without friction with a velocity of 6.0 m/s in contact with conducting rods connected to a resistor R=2.0 ohms as shown. The entire apparatus is in a uniform magnetic field of 0.40 Tesla out of the page and perpendicular to the plane of the page. 3.. Find the emf induced in the rod AB. b. Find the magnitude and direction of the current in the rod AB. Assume R is the total resistance in the circuit. Find the force necessary to maintain the constant velocity v. Find the power used to maintain v and compare it to the power loss in the resistor. 9.0 6. a. Use Ampere’s Law to determine the magnetic field B in the toroidal solenoid shown to the right. The air core toroid carries a current i , has a radius r, total turns N and cross section area A as shown. b. Use your result from part a to obtain the self inductance L of the toroid. Assume the magnetic field is uniform over the area A. ...
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