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15-1 - c excision of uterine tube d surgical breast...

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1. breast 2. sheath 3. vulva 4. womb 5. neck a. cervico b. episio c. vagino d. utero e. mammo f. embryo g. metro 1. meno 2. oophoro 3. salpingo 4. toco 5. menarche a. male b. ovary c. incipient menstruation d. eustachian tube e. menstruation f. birth g. fallopian tube 1. endometrium 2. cervix 3. introitus 4. myometrium 5. papilla a. muscular uterine wall b. entrance to uterus c. entrance to vagina d. nipple e. areola f. fundus g. lining of uterus
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1. meconium 2. amenorrhea 3. dyspareunia 4. leukorrhea 5. gynecomastia a. male mammary developement b. difficult menstruation c. vaginal discharge d. intestinal discharges of fetus e. absence of menstruation f. hirsutism g. painful intercourse 1. oophorectomy 2. mastectomy 3. salpingectomy 4. myomectomy 5. mammoplasty a. excision of ovarian cyst b. excision of fibroid tumor
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Unformatted text preview: c. excision of uterine tube d. surgical breast reconstruction e. excision of ovary f. removal of breast g. MRI 1. colposcopy 2. hysterosonogram 3. hysteroscopy 4. polythelia 5. hypomastia a. x-ray of fallopian tubes b. macromastia c. micromastia d. supernumery nipples e. sound image of uterus f. examination of vagina g. examination of uterus 1. syphilis 2. HPV 3. chlamydia 4. gonorrhea 5. vaginosis 6. Pap smear a. morbus gallicus b. 'seed discharge' STD c. infection of vagina d. slander against one's father e. screening for cervical cancer f. common asymptomatic STD g. condylomata acuminata h. chancre-causing STD COLPO ectomy ectasis cele cystoplasty odynia perineoplasty rrhaphy pexy perineorrhaphy plasty poiesis ptosis rrhagia rrhaphy rrhexis scopy spasm stenosis stenotomy tomy xerosis...
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  • Uterus, e. menstruation f., uterus c. entrance, c. incipient menstruation, cyst b. excision, menstruation f. hirsutism

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15-1 - c excision of uterine tube d surgical breast...

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