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Gastrointestinal 1 - b cheek c s-shaped lowest part of...

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1 GASTROENTEROLOGY ANATOMICAL 1. uvula 2. esophagus 3. cardiac sphincter 4. jejunum 5. cecum a. little grapelike structure hanging above root of tongue b. tube carrying food from pharynx to stomach c. cul de sac first part of large intestine d. empty second portion of small intestine e. lower esophageal circular muscle 1. ileum 2. ilium 3. appendix 4. rectal ampulla 5. pyloric sphincter a. lower gateway of stomach that opens onto duodenum b. jarlike dilation of rectum just before anal canal c. worm-shaped attachment at blind end of cecum d. bone on flank of pelvis e. lowest part of small intestine 1. peritoneum 2. omentum 3. duodenum 4. parietal peritoneum 5. visceral peritoneum a. serous membrane stretched around abdominal cavity b. inner layer of peritoneum c. outer layer of peritoneum d. first part of small intestine (12 fingers) e. double fold of peritoneum attached to stomach 1. sigmoid colon 2. bucca 3. hypochondriac 4. hypogastric 5. colon a. below the ribs' cartilage
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Unformatted text preview: b. cheek c. s-shaped lowest part of large intestine above rectum d. below the stomach e. large intestine from cecum to anal canal SYMPTOMATIC AND DIAGNOSTIC 1. anorexia 2. aphagia 3. hepatomegaly 4. hepatitis 5. halitosis 2 a. bad breath b. inflamed liver c. inability to swallow d. enlarged liver e. loss of appetite 1. eructation 2. icterus 3. hyperbilirubinemia 4. hematemesis 5. diarrhea a. excess reddish pigment in blood b. liquid stools c. vomiting blood d. belching e. jaundice 1. steatorrhea 2. melena 3. parotitis 4. pyloric stenosis 5. gastroenteritis a. narrowing of orifice between stomach and duodenum b. mumps c. inflammation of stomach and small intestine d. black tarry feces e. fatty stool 1. ileitis 2. colitis 3. diverticulitis 4. volvulus 5. polyposis a. tumors with pedicels b. twisting of bowel causing obstruction c. inflammation of large intestine d. inflammation of third portion of small intestine e. inflamed side pocket in wall of colon...
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Gastrointestinal 1 - b cheek c s-shaped lowest part of...

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