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male reproductive system 1

male reproductive system 1 - d genital wart e semen without...

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MALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM ANATOMICAL 1. epididymides 2. spermatozoa 3. testes 4. prepuce 5. perineum 6.semen 7. glans penis 8. scrotum a. outermost end of male member b. external area between scrotum and anus c. pouch containing male sex glands d. foreskin e. reproductive glands f. coiled ducts storing sperm g. sperm mixed with accompanying secretions h. reproductive cells SYMPTOMATIC AND DIAGNOSTIC 1. CRYPTORCHISM 2. azoospermia 3. impotence 4. chlamydia 5. prostatic hyperplasia 6. aspermia 7. seminoma 8. condyloma 9. hypospadias 10. hydrocele a. E>D. b. accumulation of fluid in testis c. opening of urethra on underside of penis
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Unformatted text preview: d. genital wart e. semen without living reproductive cells f. testicular tumor g. enlargement of gland that encircles urethra h. undescended testicle i. most common STD j. inability to create reproductive cells OPERATIVE AND THERAPEUTIC 1. vasovasostomy 2. orchioplasty 3. penile prosthesis 4. orchiopexy 5. orchidectomy 6. circumcision 7. vasectomy 8. epididymectomy a. removal of prepuce b. removal of sperm's storage duct c. correction of cryptorchism d. testicular removal e. implantation of device to correct ED f. repair of testicle g. dissection of vas deferens h. restoration of male fertility...
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