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q6_part_1 - QUIraé FORM A Multiple Choice(2 Loints each 1...

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Unformatted text preview: QUIraé FORM: A Multiple Choice (2 Loints each): 1. inability to swallow WW (balm-imp}; {12W (Wax .aphagia 2. dark, tan-y stools (W (b)l:[email protected] (11mm (omen-113a 3. progressive degenerative disease of liver . - _,-. yvflyy-thGQ-hepatmins (d) hepatomelanosis 4. surgical repair of rectal meatus (9) weplastiéhaébflmeysteplmy Misfire-M (4%me - -. = ha y S. suture of a wound in abdominal wall fig (Ws @celiorrhaphy WM (121) cecoirhaphy (37mm 6. abnormal presence of herniations in the walls of the colon (QB-59% (b) diverticulitis @iverticulosis (d) hemorrhaginfi. (singlestosis 7. incision in common bile duct to remove<gallst9nés . \. so choledochoLithotgyy (Woéiy (c) cholecystomy o e 1 (e) cholecystotomy ” i 23. inflammation of salivaxy glan Winnie (b) sialqltdenitis 11 1’ Name: H P? if E: 5““ ‘1’ (Please write first, middle, and last name) 22. specialist in the stomach and intestines (mm (mm W939i MEN Ifiasfioememlogist ear the ear aréj‘ditis (4:31:91 (e)sia1qlmgiitis 24. valve between stomach and duodenum a car 1 ' 1 Mi "(Emmid leoric sphincter W 25. suture of cleft lip W (b) 13111011131151 (minimums @ heilorrliaphy (e) celiorrhaphy 26. the "hungry" portion of the small intestine ,4’ Wéfijejnnum (c) ileum (dB-w (W J 27. anal waste = (Emmi-mullet We {Wm- (Moms 28 part of large intestine immediately before the rm WWW Wilma ( (dflsigmoid colon (e) descendingveelon' A”. bile-producing organ ' @ancreas M We (6) liver r bloody stool 8. creation of passage between common bile duct and lst portion of small £11921) mnatochczlEWa- (69m (d)l1ematllria (whoa-lurk e (eyahcledochostomy (WWW e )cholecystenterostomy “#4 9. presence of concretions in bile ducts We; {bktholelithiasis MoleeystE’a-‘ln (d)chole1itl1 (e) cholemia It). inflammation of the small intestine (a) cecitis (Mantis (c) cystitis @nteritis (e) ileitis 1]. creation of passage between stomach and upper portion of small intestine (ay‘gasnoenteeopathy. (swam? (cffifixkcdnodenostomy @‘gastmenterotomy W31 12. bleeding fi‘om gallbladder a eholecystorrhaphy (blgystgnnhagia (CW &holecyst0rrhagia (em 13. telescopin of part of intestine into adjacent part (apvolwlus l(b)‘ tussusception (c) polyppsis (Wall-Ila (em 14, instrument-to examine any body cavity (a) mom ('3) endoscopy (C) swamps (11mm 15. nonionizing imaging technique {giMRI (b) radiography (a) computed tomography cholaflgiogram (e) (2&3 Km» 16. excision ofsection of infer (a) hemonhoidecto (Waxy Wetter-sky'- Wyfi (e) hepatic lobectomy 17.drugtl1at stops vomiting (53W (11W (mamacggmnemesc (11W 18. inflammation of the abdomen 54 WWommis (c) gasmiss—flelifis (e) cecitis 19. loss of appetite (alhuljinia (bj'fphasia (c) aphagia ti) orexia Lelanemia 20. accumulation of fluid in peritoneal cavity gmhydrocephalus (b) ascites (mm (d! Wefieardium 21. inflammation of a salivary gland (Mutts W5 @ialoadenitis (d) sialoangiitis (finalisation @doscope (9918;931:511 31. abnormal shortness of tongue's frenulurn (chgamiognm (elmmjaflmoms mime 32. examination of the rectal o ening War 03) proctology noscopy (W (W 33, fatty stool (Wanton! (Marissa (93mm (Mesa-mien @catonhea 34. region below the stomach .(azr mbilical (b) epigastric 9-7- (e) hypogastiic 3S. surgical repair ofa lip @heiloplasty W Wiongggmon (elm 36. surgical repair of throat to stomach tube .1 pharynsopiasty WW (W? Mammy (s) sephaswlasty 37. x—ray of esophagu nly (a) barium swallow _b pper GI series (W11 W 38. examination of abdominal cavity a sigmm aparoscopy (cWopy (d) endoscopy (We 39. removal of portioniof lesion for pathological examination W (b) C&S®ncisional Bx (wean (W 4G. X—ray of gallbladder %cholecystogram_(mgysmgmphy (c) cholangiogram (d) cholangiography EEG 41. discharge of pus fi‘om the bowel (a) pyooele Wflwmfia (0W (Wm 42. a laxative (a) cathartic (b)antispasmodic (c) [email protected] (63W 43 difficulty 1n swallowing (11W WW (1:de 44. tooth malformation Wonfidemalgia (c) odontoid (d) odontodysplasia (WW hagia {slashes 45. gas in the stomach or intestines W (bQ‘proctatgia (Woman (11) aeiotitisié) flatulence ...
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