October 31 - Last time we look at Anselms proof of God and...

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Last time we look at Anselm’s proof of God and his positive argument for the existence of God characteristic of medieval thinkers. Now we are going to look at some of the problems of religious belief that they raised, particular questions about evil in the world and whether it undermines or can be reconcile with the existence of God (God allowing evil in the world). In addition, about problems that arise about predestination, whether God predestines us. Anselm’s proof hangs on the idea that God is a perfect being, the sum of all perfection. Anselm and other medieval thinkers had a very clear definition of a perfect being: PERFECT BEING -OMNIPOTENT (ALMIGHTY OR ALL-POWERFUL) Have all possible powers to the maximum degree -OMNISCIENT (ALL-KNOWING; KNOWS ALL THINGS) -OMNIBENEVOLENT (ALL-GOOD; ALL-LOVING) -TRANSCENDENT (BEYOND SPACE AND TIME) -ETERNAL Existing at all times or perhaps existing in a timeless way -CREATOR (OF ALL THINGS) -PERFECTLY JUST -IMMUTABLE BEYOND CHANGE -NECESSARY (CANNOT NOT EXIST) -PERSONAL PROBLEMS FOR THEISM 1. THE PROBLEM OF EVIL (leads to) 2. THE PROBLEM OF PREDESTINATION (leads to) 3. THE PROBLEM OF JUSTICE THE PROBLEM FOR THEISM (theism is a view that there is a personal God) 1. THE PROBLEM OF EVIL How can God be both? ALL-GOOD ALL-POWERFUL (OMNIPOTENT) and yet allow evil in the world The problem is posed in the dialogue by Evodius Argument: If God is all good, then God would not allow evil in the world. But there is evil in the world. But if God were all good, God would not allow the evil, therefore if there is evil, God must not be all-powerful, must not be able to eliminate the evils of the world. God can’t be both all-good and all-powerful because if God allows the evil and is capable of taking it away and does not, then God is not all-good. There is a contradiction here of a perfect being.
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AUGUSTINE’S RESPONSE TO THE PROBLEM OF EVIL THE FREE WILL DEFENSE God is not the cause of evil God gives humans (and angels) free will They cause evil of their own free wills
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October 31 - Last time we look at Anselms proof of God and...

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