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Guardians Rulers Auxiliaries Self-Sufficiency Necessities Luxuries Growth I. Temptations of Rulers (pg. 113-115) 1. Private Property 2. Family, Friends (Kith and Kin) II. The Magnificent Myth What is it? What is its purpose? Communal Life of the Guardians according to Plato 1. Living Arrangements Live with no private property, and not own anything. Wage and food be provided by the town and citizens as pay. Should not be paid in silver and gold, or have no luxury of precious metals. Live and eat together in groups. 2. Family and Children Israeli community (called Kibbutz) lives in harsh climates thus making both men and women had to work while the children were taught by tutors of the community. Most of the children wanted to marry outside of the community because most of the children lived together, thus they found themselves all to be like brothers and sisters. Society high in the Himalayas (called Bhutan) that had a prince that
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PHL301_9-7-06 - 1 Guardians Rulers Auxiliaries...

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