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PHl301_11-14-06(11-16-06)(with_audio) - QUESTIONS FOR...

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QUESTIONS FOR NIETZSCHE 1. Is Nietzsche himself a MASTER or OVERMAN? 2. Is the WILL TO POWER a fundamental drive? Look over the last page for more information, but overall, the WILL TO POWER is a fundamental drive. The drive to be better and excel is the fundamental drive that Nietzsche is talking about. Kane then does mention another fundamental drive that we all have is the will to order or meaning. He brings back the baby example of it’s “shaking” to again explain the “WILL TO POWER”, but Kane also mentions that the baby’s drive also have to do with having to want order in life. When our life is disordered and all, we are as just miserable as if we neglect our drive to excel and do better. If we try to suppress the drive for order in life, it is as destructive as trying to suppress our “WILL TO POWER” drive in life. For now, the drive for meaning and order is called the “WILL TO MEANING”. 3. Could there be a SOCIETY OF MASTERS? It is very hard to imagine such a society of masters when they would try to strive to be better then everyone else. On DISCUSSING VALUES 1. THE PROBLEM OF A REGRESS OR CIRCLE OF VALUES - A universal or paradox confronting any persons who would discuss or attempt to justify their values.
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